Critical Thinking: Are Some Universities Making People Mentally And Emotionally Weak?

If a person remains up to date with the news, they may have heard about the varieties of matters taking vicinity at universities around the arena. One could examine information papers, watch TV, and use social media to live updated with what is going on at these establishments.

A Closer Look

For one element, one may additionally have heard approximately how students are now being given ‘secure areas,’ with this being a manner to protect them from ‘offensive’ phrases or ‘hate speech, for example. Additionally, they’ll have to study approximately certain speakers who have been banned from talking there.

Also, possibly one has heard about the instance where a pupil absolutely misplaced all willpower because she changed into wasn’t blanketed from Halloween costumes. While something like this could sound a piece excessive, it’s miles far from the exception.

The Purpose

Hearing about those kinds of things can make one wonder what the reason for a university is, as it can appear as even though some of those institutions serve a distinct purpose. Regardless of what someone researches there, it could be stated that they need to be open to being challenged, be curious, and need to learn about different things.

Ultimately, this isn’t always someplace where a person has to be if they don’t want to have their views and ideas challenged. If they best want to spend time with individuals who believe them, they shouldn’t have gone there in the first region.

A Big Difference

It will be vital for one that allows you to manage one-of-a-kind perspectives and critiques without feeling as even though their life is beneath threat. This will permit them to question the validity of their own ideas and determine why another person would accept them as true with what they accept as true.

Yet, even though they’ll be hard the alternative person’s views, they could still deal with them with respect. Each man or woman may be challenging what the other believes in, looking to stop their lifestyles.



There may be instances when this can be tough, and it can even sense threatening; however, you could lose consciousness of the reality that they may be greater than what they accept as true. What goes on it their thoughts will exchange through the years; this is simply a part of life.

The mission is when one ends up getting too connected to what they trust, and unearths it difficult to cross and embrace any other way of seeing something. When this occurs, their minds need to be proper can be greater vital than something else.

The Only Thing That Matters

So, until one can step returned and examine their minds need to be proper, they may be nothing more than a slave. One is then now not the usage of their mind; their mind is the use of them.

If one is at university and is absolutely attached to what their mind believes, they will forestall themselves from sincerely embracing this enjoy. They will have a long passed in with a closed mind, and they will leave with a closed mind.

A Waste of Time

A few years of their existence will emerge as being wasted, and they might also be in several debts afterward. One will have been given a first-rate opportunity to increase their thoughts and to develop. However, they may not have taken it with both fingers.

And if a person like this sees themselves as oppressed and not as ‘privileged’ as others, they are now not going to recognize how ‘privileged’ there to be able to go to university. In addition to the negative impact this may have on their own existence, they can make it loads tougher for the people who want to analyze.

The Cause

However, even as it would be clean to attention on how sure students behave, this is simplest going to be a part of the problem. What needs to be looked into is why those universities placed up with this type of behavior.

But, if students are seen as ‘purchasers,’ as Joanna Williams has mentioned, there will be no motive for them mission students in any manner. The priority for those who run those institutions may be to do something they can to delight those paying them cash.

A Different Purpose

Thus, rather than offering somewhere in which people can grow and increase, they will be offering a very different environment; an environment this is more like an afternoon care center than a place of mastering. Making college students experience comfy goes to be the concern, meaning that something that might task them can be off-limits.

One way of searching at this will be to say that a university like that is more feminine than masculine. The masculine power is made up of many developments, and the need to task thoughts and others is considered one of them. In contrast, a big part of the female power is set affirmation, and this is a very extraordinary method.

A Deeper Look


It might be easy to attention only to what that certain universities are doing. However, this wouldn’t bear in mind why someone would be in a role that they desperately want to be affirmed and cannot address something that challenges them. Physically, a person like this can appear like an adult, but emotionally, they could feel like a needy baby.

Maybe, someone like this failed to acquire the sort of care they wanted at some point at the start of their lifestyles, with this being the reason why they assume a college to offer them special treatment. The unique treatment that they needed as a toddler wouldn’t have been provided.

Unmet Childhood Needs

There would have been the wishes that had been not met throughout this time in their existence and that they likely might have experienced trauma within the technique. This could have stopped them from being capable of expanding the capability to modify their personal emotions.

The trauma inside them may be prompted on every occasion they listen to something they disagree with, thereby causing them to feel that their existence is beneath hazard. Their need to control and silence others is then a manner for them to try and forestall themselves from being beaten by their own emotions.



One way to discover what a person’s early years have been like is to note how they behave like grownups. There is lots greater to it than this, and this time in someone’s existence may be inappropriate. However, it’s far a start line.

If a person reveals it tough to enjoy self-discipline and that they need to settle themselves down, they might want to reach outside assistance. This can be supplied by using a therapist or a healer.

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